about us

Welcome to the digital madhouse!

From the creators of avant-garde strategy, copy and design, to the guys in HR who claim they’re accountants (in order to avoid hearing any minor HR-related issue), we’re all a bunch of mad scientists experimenting with algorithms, words and design. 

In 2009 when Digibrush was founded, it was a concentrated dose of design, ergo the name. However, its real evolution began when the four guys that ran it realised that four guys weren’t enough. Adding more like-minded digital scientists who have done the math on some insanely wild ideas to perfect the digital ad formula, catalysed viral campaigns and created chain reactions with local and global audiences. 

This goes beyond making sure our “accountants” see timely ads relating to their secret HR-related lifestyle; we create and bond evolving digital alchemy with the story any brand wants to tell. What you finally see is an ad you’ll always love, where the chemistry is just right.

Our Values

Win win win

We hate catch-22s. So making sure our solutions and campaigns result in a win-win-win type situation for our clientele, the community and ourselves, is imperative.

Make an Impact

We ensure our efforts translate to results – results that leave a mark, shake the ground or make a din. So, naturally, our Digital Frankenstein 2.0 musters much more than a single curious mob.

Keep it real

Highly creative content does not always work. At times effective solutions are more direct or technical. We research market dynamics, customer requirements and the brand, in order to deliver solutions that would entirely focus on being effective and therefore successful.

Participate Management

Anyone can have the next big idea, and that’s precisely who we ask. Whether you’re an executive, office tea-making uncle or management, you’re welcome into our brainstorming lab (aka room with beanbags and flash mobs on Fridays).

good idea image

Our Belief

If you take away the algorithms, formulas and equations, we’re simply great storytellers in a digital age. We believe that unconditional love for seeing one’s own work flourish is the greatest catalyst to a successful project. We don’t just get your story a million ears and eyes, we create a story worthy of a million ears and eyes – not because it’s “work”, but because that’s who we really are. Beneath our digital alchemist persona, we’re writers who take pride in weaving lyrical spells on a keyboard, and designers whose happiness belongs to forging new worlds with a mouse.

This means you’ll see the best of your brand with us, before the rest of the world does.