Careers Free Pizza! (Copywriter – English)

Free Pizza! (Copywriter – English)

Now that you’ve noticed, we’re out to hire a writer who could probably have come up with a better copy for this vacancy ad than just manipulate “Free”. Alhtough in his defence, if you’re reading this – it worked.

We’re looking for someone just like him, well not just like him – he’s a handful sometimes. Who we need is an individual with the distinct ability to string up some words to make it sound so appealing that you’d go crazy for it like a kid in an ice cream truck. (We’ve got one you know. An ice cream truck, not the kid)

You might be a dashing young guy or a beautiful woman fuelled with enthuziasm to just grab life by the…guts; or you could also be whatever you want to be- an ostrich, elvis, the next best DJ, a tree -yeah we have one of those too. Plenty actually. Outside. Whatever it is, you’ll need to be extremely confident with who you are to head into the wild and handle clients in their natural habitats, where they’d probably attack you with numerous insatiable queries.

This is why you’d also need to have a splendid personalty. Be charming and liberal enough to go up to your supervisor and say “Listen, that moustache just isn’t working anymore,this shaving cream would do wonders.”How she reacts after that isn’t up to us. We’ll certainly have your back though, because that’s the sort of team you’d be working with. Loyal, appreciative and helpful.We’re like a pack of wolves, very timid wolves. With laptops and stuff.

What’s kept us going all these years, is that sometimes we give the curious cat a run for its money. And that’s what were hoping you’d be like too, an inquisitive being who knows there’s plenty more happening around than just scribbling down stellar ideas on paper. As an innovative agency, we make sure we give you enough space for your little bubble. Seeking inspiration can be tough, so we completely understand if you want to get into a pink tutu, run down the highway whilst singing out loud jsut so that a creative thought hits you hard enough to get that slogan out of the way. You can have your own ritual though. The tutu is only optional.

We’ll want you to think big, we’ll want you to think small, and sometimes we’ll want you to just do it.Come on board and you’ll find out that this really is like a roler coaster ride, extremely high ups, crashing down lows and loops that might sometimes make you sick; but who knows you might actually like the feeling! You’re garanteed to feel right at home, surrounded with individuals who are just as passionate about advertising and creating, as you are. Take that leap of faith, and you’ll realize that as a boutique creative agency, we work harder than a little beaver during winter time- and that’s exactly why our extensive list of clients love to sit down for a warm cup of coffee with us.

Oh and one more thing, if the total seven doesn’t make sense to you right now, you’ll need to polish up more than just your glasses. If you’re wearing any that is- it’s totally cool if you’re not though. Besides an interesting paycheque, we promise an exciting new chapter of your life and enough motivation for you to write the best copy and content you ever have since you picked up a pencil. And also several other perks!

There’s a tidy table waiting for you here, and we also pooled in and got you a shiny new mug; so send us samples of your best work (so far) together with your CV to

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