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Creative campaigns are supposed to solve problems for organisations and brands, be it creating intent to buy or changing customer perceptions. This requires campaigns to be engineered by carefully considering business dynamics, audience insights, break through creatives and integrated media strategies. We at Digibrush having executed both offline and digital campaigns for the last decade are able to strategize bespoke campaigns to suit your business need.

Our Approach

First, we’ll consult with you and gather all initial requirements. This gives our specialists a chance to learn your specifications, business goals, target audience, and any other relevant details. By determining your expectations, we can choose the right development approach and estimate time/cost.

Once you agree to the proposal, we provide you with a project brief where you give us all the information we should know from the functionalities you want down to the colors of your brand. We take that information and conduct a deep-dive analysis into the industry you work in and your competitors. We then collaborate with our design and development team to dissect all the information and work their magic. After all this analysis, we present you with a scope document that highlights all this work to you and paves the way for our entire project execution.

Prototyping and wire-framing gives us a clear idea of how you want your website to look. Our best designers and UX experts work to create a customer experience that excites and delights users. We work with you to ensure the journey is mapped to your satisfaction and remove any flaws for the path forward.

This is where your website starts to come to life! We give your wireframes a more realistic design and build in any other web elements as discussed. Using Figma/Sketch/Adobe XD, our design collaboration tools, you finalize the theme, overall look, typography, and imagery. Nothing moves forward until you have given us the final seal of approval. After this, our expert web designers translate your design into code or a new theme.

Your website is almost complete! Whether you choose a pre-created template-based design or a custom web design, we seamlessly work to complete the finishing touches in development. We install the website on a localhost and use advanced plugins to demo live-action functionality to you and your team. Any changes you require are made and we move into testing.

Here our code reviewers and Quality Assurance (QA) engineers get to work testing your website from front to back to ensure everything is working properly. Another demo is completed and we keep aligning, adding, and replacing things until we get the website you love. At which point, we launch the website of your dreams!

Often overlooked by many web development agencies, this step is crucial for any website. The backend maintenance of your site is a source of your potential recurring revenue and we take it as our responsibility to keep it sorted and updated at all times. To provide maximum compatibility, our themes and plugins are also routinely updated.

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