Life At Digibrush

If you believe that life is too short to be living in the comfort zone, then your attitude is what we are looking for!

In the ebbs and flows of life, we usually don’t fail because, honestly, we are all scared to try and more afraid to change and prefer staying in the comfort zone. We assume that, by trying and changing, there is space for failure. And we wonder, why change or go the extra mile to try new things when we are comfortably satisfied in our little worlds.

Great innovation is driven by the passion to achieve greater heights. To achieve greater heights, trying is essential. Trying to change and experimenting with new methods to deliver excellence, matters.

So, it is fundamentally important that we, as a company, try new ways to develop newer methods to execute and deliver passionate work to our clients. We understand that trying could lead to failure. This is why it’s important that we must create a culture and encourage our team to think outside the box with newer perspectives, challenging the status quo. The quicker we do it, the faster we will fail. The faster we fail, the quicker we learn. The faster we learn, the better we become.

So at Digibrush, we welcome the innovators and the uncanny thinkers, to try newer ways and deliver passionate work.

Current Openings

Performance Marketing Specialist

Minimum 2 Years Experience | Google Adwords | Facebook Ads | SEO

Manager Digital Media Marketing

5+ Years Experience | Written and Verbal Skills | Project Management | Digital Trends

Creative Designer

3+ Years Experience | Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator | Digital, Web and Print | Typography, Layouts

Senior Software Engineer [PHP]

5+ Years Experience | PHP | Laravel | Vue/React/Node.JS | MySQL | API/Web Services

Digital Content Strategist

4+ Years Experience | Written and Verbal Skills | Project Management | Digital Trends

DevOps Engineer

3-5 Years Experience | Linux/Unix | GCP | Automation | CI/CD Tools | Server Configuration and Deployment

Video Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

2+ Years Experience | 2D & 3D Motion Graphics Animation | Video Editing | Basic Audio Editing | Adobe AfterEffects

Free Pizza! (Copywriter – English)

Compelling content and copy | Powerful Storytelling | Research | Fact Checking | Communication |