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How a Global Phenomenon Made a Local Impact

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The Problem

• How do we capture the wallet share of consumer’s at a non seasonal time
• Although 11.11 was the well known term globally as “singles day”, Emerald couldn’t use the same as it had copyrights.
• Need to stand out from the market clutter created by other brands as a result of pre preparations for the December season.



Using the singles day idea of 11.11 we came up with our own campaign with a twist in the name and called it as Nov.11 To stay ahead of the brand clutter and in order to create awareness as the ‘Top of the mind recall’ Emerald started 3 weeks ahead with a different sale campaign.

These sales which started on 25th October 2021 kept building up the momentum till 10th November. The Promos attracted a lot of site visitors who were then used for remarketing through the data that was captured.

The Emerald Nov.11 campaign made its digital presence felt strongly across all Social media platforms. In total we ran 6 Campaigns to drive conversions, Traffic, Reach and Re marketing 30+ Ad sets which ran for 24 hours

• Dynamic Ads – Automated Personalised Ads
• Carousel – Conversion optimized ads promoting multiple collections
• Collection Ads – Product Collections created for specific audiences

60+ visuals comprising of Teasers, Main Key Visuals, Product Carousels, Collection Ads and stories aimed at Fear of Missing Out (sold out, last 2 pieces remaining etc.) In addition, email and SMS marketing was also used.

• Core Audiences – Reached audiences based on behavioural and interest match
• Custom Audiences – Reached customers and contacts on Facebook using external consented data points
• Lookalike Audiences – Reached fans similar to certain engaged customers and actions triggered

Key Results

• November 11th wrote its own success story with the highest number of sales done online within 24 hours.
• 650% increase in Orders
• 25% increase in Avg. Order Value
• Over 3000+ products sold
• 137% increase in conversion rates
• 122k+ Page views

Want to grow your business digitally?

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