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How we used content relevance to increase pack activations for a telco

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The Challenge

The Data Market is highly competitive. Our client being the 3rd player in the market meant that the competitors had significantly high budgets. Standing out among thousands of data ads and capturing attention by breaking through the clutter was the biggest challenge at hand.



Context and Insight

The product CliQ offered by our client HUTCH was a time-based internet solution. The concept of the product made it most ideal for customers with a high data usage lifestyle. We identified the following segments to appeal the most.

• Binge Watchers/ Movie Buffs/ Music Lovers
• Gamers
• Work from Home Professionals

Highly Relevant Content

The best way to breakthrough the clutter was to create highly relevant content and make them specific to each of the identified segments. Our performance marketing experts structured campaigns via programmatic media buying to distribute these to the relevant audiences.

Content Sequencing

Based on engagement triggers, each audience was delivered with a sequence of relevant content with the objective of creating awareness and nurturing intent


Key Results

Increase in CTR by 41% and contributed to a pack activation growth of 11.6%

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